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Support the Olaf Messenger!

Student Organization Fundraising

Donate to The Olaf Messenger to help us inspire and train a new generation of student journalists.

2021 has seen a number of ambitious changes for St. Olaf’s student news publication. A move to a new office space and enhanced coverage of events are only a few of the ways the Mess has looked to improve over the past calendar year, and we hope these advancements will continue into the new year.

Beyond serving as a vital news source for the St. Olaf community and as a forum for discussion and artistic expression, The Olaf Messenger is an invaluable resource for aspiring journalists, a place where they can learn how to source, interview, write, shoot video, edit audio and engage readers through social media.

But, to continue to engage our audience, help aspiring journalists develop and expand our presence at St. Olaf, we need the support from our audience of dedicated readers. Any donation helps us to continue the mission of The Olaf Messenger to serve St. Olaf through intensive, equitable reporting on issues important to the college community.

Your contribution will help us pay for...

  • Printing costs for the spring semester
  • App store release fees for the new Mess app
  • A membership to the Associated Collegiate Press
  • Contest submission fees (the Mess won seven awards in 2020 for the Minnesota Newspaper Association's College Better Newspaper Contest
  • Virtual conference and workshop registration fees (to bring alumni working in journalism to speak with staff members)
  • Office supplies (tape, Kleenex, whiteboard markers, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Marketing materials (stickers, posters and flyers to help recruit writers)
  • Multimedia equipment upgrade
  • Stipends for our editorial and executive staff
  • Staff training

If you have any questions about how we'll spend the money, how the Messenger operates, what we report on, or anything else related to The Olaf Messenger, email us at We'd love to talk with you!

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